A package to meet your every need!

Professionally format and design the interior of your book without the hassle


Basic Edition


$100/annually (Save $20)

One seat — one license on one device

6 Design Templates^

For self-publishers only**

“Formatted using Emper” branded tag**


Intermediate Edition


$160/annually (Save $32)

Everything from Vital, plus:

Upgraded Design Template Pack^^^^

For small indie publishers

Removal of “Formatted using Emper” tag


Professional Edition

Coming Soon!

Everything from Yen, plus:

Five seats — five licenses on up to five devices***

Premium Design Template Pack

For medium-sized publishing houses

Honcho [Enterprise Edition]

Fully customizable
Full Access to the Athenaeum [Template Library]
For large publishing houses

Please contact Emper at hi@emper.com for custom pricing.

*Pursuant to End User License Agreement, removal of Emper branded tag will result in fines, penalties, and product ban.
**Vital Edition is intended for self-publisher. Users are prohibited from using this version to conduct business. See End User License Agreement Miscellaneous section.
***Multi and singular use licenses restricts usage to approved registered devices. To use singular license seat on more than one device, user must de-register and sign out of all previous devices before formatting and download features will become functional.
^6 design templates included in Vital Edition are Commando (general fiction), Crushes (romance), Anthropocene (Fantasy), Abtrexia (Sci-Fi), Sphinx (Horror/Thriller), Saccharine Dream (Teen/YA)

^^^^5 additional design templates included in Yen Edition are Prober (crime/mystery), Trudge (action), Sanguine (horror), Temerity (sci-fi), and Wallflowers (romance)


Template Library

With a beautiful array of templates to choose from, and tons more on the way, your designs will always be modern and fresh.