Interior book formatting and design software, created by indies for indies.

Emper is the simple and easy cloud-based solution to professionally format and design the interior of your book.

Supported Distibutors

We know what you need

As experts in indie publishing, we know your struggles as much as your needs. Our step-by-step wizard guides you through every step of the process, so there’s no way to get lost along the way.

The book formatting tool of choice for indie publishers.

Use our simple on-screen wizard to select your book format and import your manuscript. You will be able to input your specs like trim size, author, and more for an easy, seamless experience. 

Emper is a cloud-based publishing platform. This means you can use our tools on virtually any device as long as you have an internet connection.

Stop wasting time on distributor design specifications.

Emper is the smart way to format your interior because you don’t need to think about much or learn too much more. Forget about bleeds, margins, and font points. We’ve done the footwork for you. Click the button and the distributor’s guidelines will auto-populate.

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